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Long Time No Blog – An Update



 “Man never made any material as resilient as the human spirit.”   Bern Williams

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted to my blog so I wanted to post a quick update. I’ve had my kidney for two and a half years and “he’s” still doing well. That’s not to say that I haven’t had health problems. I am still having some issues with side-affects from the anti-rejection drugs and how they interact with each other. Anti-rejection drugs compromise your immune system and it seems like every other week I’m fighting a cold, a bug or flu-like symptoms. Fortunately for me, I’ve been able to get through them without any trips to the hospital or any hospital stays and that is a very BIG DEAL. Overall, I am doing well and still feeling incredibly blessed to have been given a gift that has improved my quality of life. Having the transplant continues to change my life in many ways. One of those ways is living life with a purpose even more so than before and doing what I can to make a difference in someone else’s life.

 I think that this blog has helped people who have gone through or are going through their own health situations. I’ve received emails from people who are on dialysis and have questions that sometimes only another person who has experienced the same thing can answer. I’ve also received email from other transplant patients and we’ve shared our thoughts on everything from medications to fear of possible kidney rejection.

 Recently I received an email from someone who came across my blog and wrote to me about her own health issues. After reading her email, I shook my head and smiled. It’s just amazing to me when I read or hear about the struggles that people go through and how resilient, determined and the amount of fortitude they possess. This woman, Heather, is a mesothelioma survivor and her story is one of inspiration if I’ve ever read one. Through her battle, Heather has created a holiday called, “Lungleavin Day.” From her email to me: “Lungleavin Day is a celebration of life and facing your fears.” Lungleavin Day is also a way that Heather does fundraising  for mesothelioma research.  I am including a link to Heather’s blog and I hope that you check it out to learn more about “Lungleavin Day,” mesothelioma and Heather’s story.







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8 thoughts on “Long Time No Blog – An Update

  1. I think you help many people with this blog. Love the comment at the top!

  2. It makes me feel really good to realize that so many can learn of other people’s strength and trials due to this blog!

    • Thanks CRD, I love you! It really does amaze me how people can deal with some of the hardest, most devastating things in life and deal with them with such unbelievable strength.

  3. So glad to see you back! I love that your message is resonating with other transplant patients. I have recently become aware of TWO friends whose husbands require heart-lung transplants. In my entire life I’d have never imagined the frequency with which organ transplantation would touch my life. Thanks for continuing to spread the word about your own experience.

    • Thanks Sue! I’m not really “back,” on a regular basis but I was so moved by Heather, the woman who has survived “mesothelioma,” that I wanted to tell people about her and link her article so that people could read her story. I’m sorry to hear about your friends’ husbands but hope that they are getting the best medical care that’s out there.
      That comment that you made about the frequency with which organ transplantation has touched your life is really interesting because earlier today I read that, “In the end,the likelihood that over the course of a lifetime a given person or someone that he or she cares about will need a solid-organ transplant is surprisingly high (about 1 in 5). You could probably count at least 5 people off the top of your head.
      Thankfully, more and more people are donating their organs and improving the quality of so many lives!


  4. Michelle on said:

    Amazing! God has done some Phenomenal things in you! As a result, you are an inspiration to Many!!! Keep moving forward allowing your voice to be heard, we need to hear it!

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