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Yes Jackie, There is a Santa Claus

It seems like it’s been a long time since I last blogged but it was only last month. I’ve received several email messages asking about my health and those messages really let me see the power of blogging and how much people care. First let me say that with the energy that I now have due to the new kidney, I have been shopping for the holiday and decorating my purple Christmas tree. I’ve also been working on my jewelry and trying some other crafts that I’ve always been interested in. In addition, there’s been lots of cooking and cleaning – since having that new energy no longer gives me an excuse not too:-) I have (of course) been doing my weekly blood work and making the adjustments that I need to make to keep my new kidney, healthy. I’m still dealing with the side effects of some of the anti-rejection medications but it is getting easier.

The biggest complaint or problem that I’ve had since I got the kidney almost five months ago, is an issue with my blood pressure being higher than my doctor would like for it to be. She says that after a kidney transplant, patients usually reduce the amount of blood pressure medication(s) that they have been on. So in the past few weeks I have had an Ultrasound and an MRI. The MRI shows that there may be a problem with one of my “native” kidneys and it may have to be removed. Initially that news was upsetting to me but I’m fine with it now. The old kidney doesn’t work. My new kidney is working great. So if removing the old one will make my blood pressure better, I’m all for it.

As I mentioned, I’ve received emails from some readers that follow the blog. Some people have written asking me about Anne and what is going on with her. Anne has undergone a second round of blood work. Last month she received a call from her coordinator at U of M Hospital and was told that they had a possible match. Unfortunately at that time, she was told that it didn’t look like it was going to work out. But she received another call last week and it may have a more positive outcome this time. Anne has recently completed the blood work (again) and we’re all praying that someone will have a very Happy New Year! Please visit her blog and read about her “adventures.”  http://anne315.wordpress.com

 Christmas is fast approaching and I was thinking about all the gifts that I’ve already received. Most of them were due to the new kidney. Just to name a few of them and in no particular order: Five months of no dialysis. No fluid restrictions. Spending more time with my family and friends. Being completely overwhelmed by the love and support that everyone in my life shows me and has always shown me. The people who have taken the time to read my blog and respond and even share their own stories. Being able to really feel good, after periods of feeling so sick. The list goes on and on and there is not one material thing on it because when it comes to health, happiness and love, it’s never about the material things.

All of you who are regular readers of my blog know that I am a firm believer in prayer and that  it works. I want to share with you something that comes to my mind often. My son Justin really struggled with my mother’s death (five years ago this month) and after she passed away he told me that he always prayed for two things; that his grandma wouldn’t die and that I would only have the one graft while I was on dialysis and that it worked until I got a transplant. He and I talked about my mom’s death and we know that we don’t understand why certain things happen the way they do or when they do. We both reached a point where we found a sense of peace and we know that my mom is at peace.

 And…In the five years and seven months that I was on dialysis, I only had the one graft.

I hope that everyone has a happy, safe and healthy holiday (whatever holiday you celebrate). Please take time to appreciate your loved ones and be grateful for what you have because always remember that there are people out there who have less.

*If you can, try to donate to a Cause that is close to your heart. You can’t give too little or too much!

Merry Christmas –  Jackie


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7 thoughts on “Yes Jackie, There is a Santa Claus

  1. You go girl! I love this blog!

  2. Thanks! Sometimes I think I’m too open with things but I decided when I started the blog that I was going to be honest.

  3. Yasiris S on said:

    Hi, Ive been reading ur blog. Im 29 yrs old and on dialysis. This is the tuffest thing Ive had to deal with. I cant find any living donors to step up and help me so my hope unfortunately is a cadaviar. I wish I knew ur friend Anne thats giving hers away. I would go for it, lol . Wishful thinking.

    I had a kidney transplant for 14 yrs and this year in July it stopped working. It was and still is the most traumatizing experience. I was sooo used to having a normal life. Now Im RESTRICTED to many things. Being young itsss so much harder. But keep ur head up. if u have any questions dont hesitate to ask me!! God Bless u & ur friend Anne

    • Thank you so much for writing. I know that dialysis can be a challenge, everyday. I’m sure that this whole experience has been traumatizing for you and I pray that your burden is eased very soon. I have a cadaver kidney and although it’s only been 6 months (this month), it seems to be working very well. It is amazing how quickly a kidney transplant patient can get used to living a normal life – and then to have it all changed, must be the hardest thing to go through.
      Don’t give up hope. My wish and prayer for you is that you get a new kidney this year!

      I wish you knew Anne too – she has a heart of gold! God Bless you too!

  4. Susan Robertson on said:

    As usual, your writing goes straight to my heart first, and my tear ducts next! I count your new kidney as one of MY gifts this year, too. It means I have you in my life longer, and that you are healthier and happier. Thank you, God.

    At Thanksgiving this year, I resisted (for about the 30th year in a row) baking a sweet potato pie. It’s hard work, and I never did a very good job at it. I did buy one to try, though. It was crappy, as I knew it would be, but while taking his first bite of it, Luke said, “Man, Freda made a mean sweet potato pie!” At that moment I could taste her pie, and better yet, I could hear her laughing at me for buying the pie in the first place, and for never trying to bake another one. She is with me in so many ways and places in my heart.

    Thanks for another great blog, Sweetie!

    • Sue, you made me laugh and cry at the same time! Believe it or not, I can’t even make a sweet potato pie like momma did. Justin does say that it comes close though:-)

      It says a lot about a person’s life when they stay with you and in your heart after they’ve gone from this earth AND you have so many stories to tell about them. Thanks for sharing that with me…thank Luke too!
      Momma would be happy:-)

      I love you!

  5. Happy 5 Month Kidney Anniversary!!!!!

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