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The night of my “kidney party,” I was questioning whether or not I should continue on with my blog. I didn’t know if there would still be interest in my new experience, as a transplant patient and in many ways it seemed like a whole part of my life had ended. When I mentioned this to some people at the party, they were very positive about me continuing with it, as I’ve mentioned a few hundred times,  I’m blessed to have so much wonderful support from my family and friends.

Later that night when I got home,  I still hadn’t made a decision about the blog.  And then I checked my email. One of the reasons that I loved writing this blog is that I’ve been able to help people…that’s been very important to me.  In my email there was a  comment for the blog and it had a lot to do with my decision to continue writing –  from a different perspective – I guess I’d call it the next chapter. The comment was from a man who had received a transplant, six days after mine:

“Congratulations: Appreciate your comments and experience. I was transplanted on 7/27/10 and am doing well so far. My selfless niece was my donor. I appreciate you sharing your experience with the side effects of the medications that we now have to take. That has been my biggest challenge but each day it seems to get better. Hope it is that way for you as well.”



It was great to hear from someone else who is basically going through the same thing I’m going through at the same time. I know that no two patients are the same but it’s good to have a shared experience with this person.
And he’s absolutely right about the medications being one of the biggest challenges. I’ve had one of my anti-rejection meds changed in the past week and then increased in the past two days. I’m on insulin now and my blood sugars are all over the place due to one of the medications. So there are definitely big obstacles to deal with and conquer.

It has been a month (today) since I had my transplant. Sometimes it seems like it was just yesterday. Other days it seems like I’ve always had this kidney. The amount of energy that I have is incredible – but also misleading because I find myself overdoing it and then paying for it the next day. So this is all an ongoing process…it’s an adjustment. But like anything else I’ve dealt with, I’m ready to face it.


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3 thoughts on “Write On

  1. Happy kidney anniversary! KEEP WRITING! You are inspiring many.

  2. Thanks Anne! Can you believe it’s been a month already?

  3. Nancee on said:

    YEAH! A whole month. Cracks me up not sure if I told you this but you got a new kidney and hubby got a new knee all on the same day and you went home first! Please keep on writing I love reading your blog. Happy anniversary and keep on keeping on. All my love!

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