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So You Get a Kidney and Then What? You get a Kidney party!

I have to say that life with a new kidney, just keeps getting better and better. On August 14th my family and friends came together and threw a “kidney party” for me. You might be wondering what a kidney party is – I didn’t know myself. It was actually the “brain child” of my cousin Nanette.

So she, along with my cousins, aunts and friends did one of the most generous and heartfelt things that any group of people have ever done for me. They made some awesome food, they gave me wonderful gifts and they truly celebrated me and my new kidney…my new life.

I should say that the kidney was highly showcased. We had a “guess how many kidney beans are in this jar”  game. One of my cakes even had a cryptic, “Life Cant Kidney better than this” message (Life can’t get any better than this), I even received a can of kidney beans along with one of my gifts…and I can’t forget to mention the gourmet “kidney shaped cookies.” (Thank you Tammie)

One of the best parts of the night was the laughter. At one point, I looked around at all the faces there…all the people from so many walks of my life, laughing and enjoying the celebration. I also observed something else that night. Just like these people were there for my celebration, they have been there for my ups and downs too. I realized though that I just didn’t call on them much during my downs.

Do you ever get that “light bulb” moment when you think that you wish that you had gotten it much sooner? I had one of those during the party.

Sometimes when people are dealing with an illness, they don’t want to bother their friends and family by asking them for help. I know I’ve been guilty of that. It’s hard to ask for help. I’ve been on the other end and I know it’s easier to offer help than it is to receive it. But when we don’t ask, we are doing ourselves and the people who love us, a disservice. I love the people in my life. I am surrounded by people that I know would do anything they could to help me out. Those are the kinds of people you’re supposed to have in your life. So why don’t we “utilize” these people more than we do. Is it about pride? Do we feel like we’re being “weak” for needing help? Maybe it’s a combination of both.

As I’ve gone through certain parts of my journey, I’ve learned a lot about myself, my friends and my family. They say that I’m amazing, “a rare treasure.” But they are the true treasures to me because they give of themselves, selflessly.

 I had a great time at my Kidney party. It was such a labor of love and I felt every bit of it. But I have always felt the love from these people.

*Please ask for help when you need it. It doesn’t just help you. – It helps the people that love you too!

Special Thanks: Nanette & Rick, Aunts:  Carolyn, Claudia (Earthquake Cake – Yummy), Marjorie and Daisy.  Traci, Cheryl, Anne, Ann and as always Doug and  Justin


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3 thoughts on “So You Get a Kidney and Then What? You get a Kidney party!

  1. CLAUDIA BLAKE on said:

    Thank God for implanting the idea in Nanette to host your kidney party! Not only did we celebrate you and your new kidney but we had the opportunity to see and enjoy seldom seen family members. What a SPECIAL gift from God!

    As Nanette stated, let us continue to Thank God for the donor’s gift and to keep the donor family lifted up in prayer.

    We have been blessed to see the joy and happiness that receiving a donor organ can bring to the recipient and the recipient’s family and friends. Hopefully, this will make some of us seriously consider signing up on the donor registry. I signed up years ago.

    Jackie, I think that ‘not asking for help’ might be a Robertson ‘genetic’ thing! Most of us are good ‘givers’ but very poor ‘takers’. We don’t like having others do for us! I’m going to tell you what a friend once told me that made me look at accepting help from others in an entirely different light. She told me that she wanted me to stop interfering with her blessings! That God blesses us as we bless others and when we don’t, or, are not allowed to bless others, we might be limiting our own blessings. I don’t want to impede anyone’s blessings so I’ve learned to be grateful and more accepting when others want to do things for me.

    I love you and am as close as your phone.

    Aunt Claudia

    • Aunt Claudia you’re absolutely right about the blessings thing. A friend actually told me the same thing – she told me not to block her blessings and when put like that…it’s very clear.
      I LOVED the party! The night before I had joked with Nanette that I’m usually such a control freak that I have to know what’s going on with everything. She laughed and said that she knew and that she was surprised I hadn’t called her during the week to ask her what she was doing. But I know Nanette and I knew she would do a GREAT job. So I didn’t worry about anything.
      I know that with the transplant, I have had to ask for help with certain things and maybe that’s what one of my “lessons” is supposed to be. In the blog today, I wanted to point out that I know EVERYONE at that party would help me ( or Doug & Justin) with anything. It’s a good feeling to have.

      I love you too!

  2. My sis always says that to me too, “Ask for help when you need it.” It isn’t easy! What a great party and it was fun to see everyone. Your family is just like mine!

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